When Should I Buy My Wedding Dress?

When Should I Buy My Wedding Dress?

Planning your wedding is a fun process, but can get very overwhelming. With so many details to plan, it’s hard to know exactly what all you should be doing when. To keep your stress to a minimum, we’re breaking down what the timeline for buying a wedding dress typically looks like, so you know exactly when to book your appointment and what to expect. 


10-12 Months Before


A full year might sound like a long time before your wedding to be finding your dress, but in some cases, you really do need that long for your dress to come in and have time for alterations. Typically, it takes 4-6 months to order a dress, but depending on what gown you choose, it can take up to 8. This is because your gown is being completely constructed, just for you. All of the materials the designer uses need to be sourced, each piece of fabric needs to be draped and sewn, and every embellishment placed onto the gown. In order for this to be done properly, it takes a few months so that your gown is just as fabulous as you’ve been dreaming of. 

6-8 Weeks Before


We always tells brides to start shopping earlier than they think they should because you’ll need about 2 months for alterations. Once your dress comes in, you’ll come in for your first fitting: at this appointment, any major alterations (think tightening a strap, hemming your dress, etc) are done. You come in two more times, 4 weeks and 2 weeks before your wedding, to be sure everything’s fitting perfectly. This way, you have absolutely nothing to worry about on your wedding day, and your wedding dress fits you perfectly. 

What if I don’t have that much time? 


We get it! Not all brides have 10 months before their wedding date. Don’t worry—you have options. We have a selection of off-the-rack wedding dresses, meaning you can buy a wedding dress that’s already finished in your size, and go straight to the alterations process. This cuts down several months of waiting, and often is slightly discounted as well, so it’s a win-win. 

So...when should I make my appointment?


As soon as possible! We recommend waiting until you’ve got your venue locked down, so you have a better idea of what you’ll like on your wedding day and what you’ll be surrounded by. This often helps brides narrow down what sort of look they’d like their wedding dress to have. So once you’ve got a ring and a venue: go ahead and book your appointment as soon as possible!

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