Mix & Match Bridesmaid Styles

Mix & Match Bridesmaid Styles

Mix & Match Bridesmaid Styles. Mobile Image

Apr 08, 2022

One of the latest wedding trends we love is mismatched bridesmaid dresses—a fun change from the traditional uniformity of bridesmaids, this trend lets each woman in your wedding party show off her personality while wearing something she feels completely confident in. Your bridesmaids are there with you every step of the way to support you during your wedding, and this trend is a stunning way to give them the gift of being fully comfortable and confident the entire day. Here are a few of our tips for achieving that fun mismatched look!



Same Style, Different Colors

21682 by Morilee



A great way to ensure your bridesmaids are cohesive but still vary a little bit is to choose a style that comes in multiple colors. We love this Morilee design for black tie weddings, with is gorgeous bow detail and satiny fabric. Another fun idea we love—especially with this color combo—is to have all bridesmaids wear one color, except for the maid of honor. It gives your maid of honor a slightly different look to set her apart while still having a cohesive bridesmaid style. 

Same Color, Different Styles

P226054 by Jasmine

P226053 by Jasmine



Another way to still achieve something similar to the traditional bridesmaid look while giving your girls variety is to choose a designer and a color you like. Designers often work in a certain fabric and color over multiple styles, so you can let your bridesmaids choose whichever style they prefer best—this way, you know everyone is happy with how the look and feel on the day of your wedding, and it lets each woman show off a bit of her personal style. 

Different Colors & Different Styles

L224051 by Bellsoie

P216065 by Jasmine



If you want the complete mismatched look, we recommend trying to stick to one color family, so that it’s easier for the dresses to look effortless but still aesthetically pleasing. The issue comes in making sure all the bridesmaids are wearing things that still look good together—if you say shades of blue and everyone shows up in ranges of dusty blues except for one girl in teal, it can ruin the look you’re searching for. We recommend either picking 3-4 dresses you like, and letting girls choose from those, or (and this is much more time consuming) helping each bridesmaid pick a dress that fits your vision. 

Want to come in and find the perfect mismatched bridesmaid dresses for your wedding? Book an appointment and let us help you achieve your vision!