Accessorizing Your Bridal Gown

Accessorizing Your Bridal Gown

Accessorizing Your Bridal Gown. Mobile Image

May 23, 2022

After finding the wedding dress of your dreams, you still need to figure out how you want to style the dress for your wedding. Accessorizing your dress is important: you can accentuate aspects of your dress you love, add a touch of sparkle, and show off your personal style. There’s many ways to accessorize your wedding dress, so we’re sharing some of our favorite tips and tricks to find a look that’s uniquely yours.




Consider Your Neckline


The neckline of your dress can affect what type of jewelry would accentuate it best. If your neckline is detailed—plunging lace, decadent beadwork, illusion mesh, you name it—you may want to opt for a simple, chic pair of drop earrings rather than a necklace to keep from having too much going on. On the other hand, simple, open necklines (boat, v-neck, scoop, off-the-shoulder, etc.) can be complemented beautifully by a necklace. A simple pendant with a v-neckline can look stunning, while a statement necklace with a strapless gown can be bold and gorgeous—it depends on what you like! Another thing to consider when choosing your jewelry is how your jewelry will look with your veil. If you’re thinking of choosing a more intricate, lace-edged veil, you may want to opt for simpler jewelry so they don’t compete; whereas if you think you want a simple veil, you can make more of a statement with your jewelry.




Find a Veil...


Finding the perfect veil for your dress can be overwhelming. When looking for your veil, keep in mind your dress’s silhouette so that your veil can add to your dress without distracting from it. The key is to make sure the veil doesn’t disrupt your silhouette! For example, if you’re wearing a fitted dress like a mermaid or fit and flare silhouette, a veil that stops at your elbow disrupts the gorgeous curves the dress is giving you, while a veil fingertip length or longer blends with the dress beautifully. Similarly, with an A-line dress or a ball gown, a fingertip-length veil looks amazing from the front, but in the back cuts off the flow of your skirt, so you’ll want something either floor length and longer or elbow length and shorter. If you’re a bit uncertain about a veil, we always recommend them—they create stunning photo opportunities with your photographer, and you can always opt to only wear your veil for part of your wedding day. Some brides choose to wear their veil for the ceremony and replace it with a hair comb for the reception for a subtle yet fun change in look!




...Or Not!


Veils aren’t for every bride! Some women love that classic bridal look, while others may feel it’s not quite their style. There’s plenty of other ways to accessorize without a veil! If you decided a necklace might be a bit much with your dress but want to add a little sparkle, a comb is perfect. Combs come in a variety of styles, from vintage-inspired to regal and princess-like, and add just enough sparkle to any look. If you’re a bit more bohemian and want that free-spirited look, consider adding flowers to your hair. This trend is a great way to add color and a touch of natural beauty to your look. 



Accentuate Your Waist


Even if your dress doesn’t come with a belt, you may want to think about adding one. Belts bring attention to your waist and can make you look thinner while adding detail to your dress. Some belts can add a touch of sparkle to your dress, while others can give a romantic touch of lace, intricate bead work, or even a pop of color. For simple dresses that you want to add just a hint of detail to, belts are perfect.




Stay Comfortable


The most important part of accessorizing your dress is staying true to yourself. Feeling comfortable in your choices makes you more confident for your wedding day! If you’re a girl who never wears heels, don’t opt for a pair of 4-inch stilettos you’ll have to walk in all day. Choose shoes that you know you’ll be happy standing and dancing in for hours on end! Find accessories that make you feel like the best version of yourself so you walk down the aisle feeling confident and beautiful.